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    Before founding Aurora Design he was designing conversion radios back in 1982/3.

1984 Ford Thunderbird talking chime

    With a continuing interest in classic autos and a background in OEM automotive design, he decided to start offering Aurora Design automotive products, designed, tested and built to OEM/SAE specifications. With an established chain of ISO9001 suppliers for components, harnesses and electronic sub-assemblies, the first of these products, the FMC-1 was quickly released followed closely by the FMR-1 and BT-1. Instantly accepted by the industry and recognized for their quality, performance and features, Aurora Design automotive products are without rival.

    Aurora Design Automotive products division was founded to provide the classic car industry with reliable, full featured products, designed and built to OEM SAE specifications. Our products match and in many cases surpass the quality and reliability of modern automotive electronics. Our products are all designed and built in the USA.

    Our chief engineer has designed some of the products that were used in many OEM vehicles over the years.