FMR-2.7 AM/FM Receiver

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Compare these features!

Designed to meet automotive OEM and SAE specifications:

    - Protected against reverse battery, double battery jump start, load dump and mutual

      coupling transients

    - -40℃ to +65℃ operating range

Fully protected speaker outputs:

    - Protected against line shorts, shorts to ground and shorts to battery

  1. Digitally controlled power amplifier automatically senses which speakers are attached

  and takes appropriate action. (i.e. disables/enables balance/fader controls)

  1. 4 X 45W maximum output into 4 ohms @ 14.4V (EIAJ)

  2. 2 X 75W maximum output into 2 ohms @ 14.4V (EIAJ)

  3. High Efficiency Class SB power amplifier

    - Dissipates up to 66% less power at normal listening levels than standard Class AB

    - Dissipates up to 15% less power at maximum output than standard Class AB

  1. 4.1 (4 channels plus subwoofer) line level outputs

  2. 4 layer circuit board with solid internal power/ground layers for low noise

  3. Noise blankers to suppress ignition/generator/alternator noise

  4. Automatic bandwidth control for optimum performance in all situations

  5. Integrated high current switch, only 200ma required through original power switch

  6. Wiring harness uses high temperature automotive grade GXL wire

Dedicated high side driver Stereo Lamp output

Works equally well with inductive, capacitive and potentiometer tuning

Automatic sensing of installed options, no setup required

  1. Automatic digital correction of potentiometer taper

  2. Handles isolated potentiometer, grounded wiper potentiometer and rheostat balance controls

  3. All factory low impedance faders supported included multi-wiper types

  4. Virtual balance/fader controls when physical controls are not present

  5. Compatible with radios that use a tone switch

  6. Powerful on-board microprocessor handles all control functions

Advanced Microprocessor RTOS (RealTimeOperatingSystem):

    - Smart algorithms detect and adjust parameters over 1000 times per second

    - User settings are saved in onboard nonvolatile memory

    - No continuous battery lead required

  1. Full World Wide Analog Radio support (Americas, Europe/Asia, Japan)

  2. Optional patent pending support for Worldwide Digital Radio: DAB/DAB+

  3. Standard Voice Assist HD:

    - Radio speaks in clear English for all standard operations

Fully compatible with Signal Seeking radios:

    - Works with typical Wonderbar®, Town & Country, etc. radios

    - Fully supports selectable sensitivity control

    - Fully supports Delco® electric pushbutton tuning

  1. Automatic Volume control option raises and lowers radio volume with engine speed

  2. Tube Emulation Mode mimics the warmup time of a tube radio

  3. Dedicated Auxiliary input for use with MP3 players, satellite radio, etc.

    - Selectable fully automatic VOX control of Auxiliary input

    - Differential Auxiliary input to eliminate ground loop noise

• Optional RGB front panel status LED

Designed and built in the USA

Copyright 2019 Aurora Design LLC

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