FMR-2.7 AM/FM Receiver

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FMR-1 shown to scale of US Quarter


FMR-1 mounted in 1964 Lincoln radio

(note FMR-1 is small enough that no internal chassis modifications were necessary)

Picture courtesy Tayman Electrical

FMR-1 and FMR-HV1 mounted in 1955 Delco© Wonderbar© radio

Picture courtesy Bob’s Radio and Television

Independent FMR-2.5 demonstration in 1967 Ford radio

courtesy R&B Vintage Auto Radio

Independent FMR-1 demonstration in 1951 Ford radio

courtesy Bill the Radio Guy

Demonstration of the FMR-1, BT-1 and USB-1 modules

Independent FMR-1 demonstration in 1955 Mercury radio

courtesy Bob’s Radio & Television