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Multi-Standard Converter

    This was the original converter that got Aurora Design started down the video converter path. It all started in the fall of 2003 when Steve McVoy of the Early Television Foundation was restoring a Gray Research monitor that used the obsolete CBS field sequential color standard. Steve had designed a color bar generator that produced the long obsolete CBS standard so he could provide the set with a signal during restoration. We discussed the possibility of creating a converter that would actually convert a modern NTSC or PAL video signal to the CBS color standard.

    Working through the winter and into the spring, using a computer monitor for testing as there are only a handful of original CBS sets remaining, I was able to finish the converter in time for the spring 2004 Convention at the ETF. This was the first time CBS field sequential color had been seen in over 50 years.

    Spring boarding off this design, I decided to expand the converter to include several obsolete standards, selected through a small rotary switch on the back of the unit. This led to the Multi-Standard converter. This unit was capable of converting an NTSC or PAL video signal into about 20 different standards. While this converter provided users with most of the obsolete standards they were looking for, it quickly became obvious where this converter was lacking, such as a built-in RF Modulator. Also, as the converters became more capable, and more complex, it was obvious a better user interface was required, thus the World Converter project was born.

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