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Specifications: WC-01 Converter

Package Contents:         WC-01 Converter

                                          5 Watt 90-264VAC Universal Power Supply

                                                (includes plugs for US, UK, Europe and Australia)

                                          QuickStart Guide

                                          7 pin Mini-DIN connector (for mechanical output)

Video Input:

Supported Standards:    NTSC 29.97fps / PAL 25fps / SECAM 25fps

Video Quantization:        10bit A/D, 10 bit data

Video Input:                     Composite - 1Vpp, 75Ω impedance

                                          S-Video - 1Vpp, 75Ω impedance

                                          Component - 1Vpp 75Ω impedance

Video SNR:                       54dB

Video Output:

Video Output:                   Composite - 1Vpp into 75Ω

Video Quantization:         12 bit D/A

Video Levels:                    +/- 3% of output standard

Video Timing:                   +/- 50 ppm, < 2ns jitter typical

Video SNR:                        68dB typical

Video Bandwidth:             9.0MHz -3dB

Mechanical RGB Output:

Video Output:                    RGB - 1Vpp into 75Ω

Video Quantization:          12 bit D/A

Video SNR:                        68dB typical

Video Bandwidth:             0.75MHz -3dB

Audio I/O:

Audio Sample Rate:          39.0KHz

Audio Quantization:          20 bit

Audio Input:                       Unbalanced, > 20KΩ impedance

                                            -10dBV nominal input level

                                            0.2Vpp to 5Vpp maximum

Audio Output:                    Unbalanced, < 100Ω impedance

                                            5Vpp maximum

Audio Response:              20Hz to 16KHz, +/- 2db

Audio SNR:                        > 85db typical

Reference I/O:

Reference Input:               Unbalanced, >10KΩ impedance

                                            20Vrms maximum

                                            0.0 to 3.0V adjustable threshold

Reference Output:            Unbalanced, 75Ω impedance

                                            3.3Vpp maximum

RF Output:

RF Output:                         66dBµV to 98dBµV typical into 75Ω

                                            Crystal/PLL frequency generation

Video SNR:                        62dB typical

Modulation Depth:            99% maximum

Audio SNR:                        54dB typical


Dimensions:                       6.00”W X 4.25”D X 1.50”H

                                            (152mm X 108mm X 38mm)

Weight:                               12oz (340g)

Power Requirements:       2.1mm X 5.5mm center positive connector


                                            3.0 watts typical (base converter only), >90% efficiency

                                            45 watts maximum (with optional Reference/Current

                                            Driver under maximum load)

Switched Power:               2.5mm X 5.5mm center positive connector 4A maximum

Humidity:                           20% - 80% non-condensing

Temperature:                    10C - 40C ambient (50F - 104F)

Specifications: WC-01D Reference/Current Driver option

Package Contents:          WC-01D Driver Daughter card

                                           36 Watt 90-264VAC Universal Power Supply

                                                (includes one AC cord for US, UK or Europe, other areas must

                                                 supply their own IEC320/C8 compatible AC cord)

                                           5 pin Mini-DIN connector (for auxiliary output)

                                           7 pin Mini-DIN connector (for mechanical output)

                                           8 pin Mini-DIN connector (for current output)


Reference Driver:             Class D switching amplifier

                                           >90% efficiency

                                           6Ω to 12Ω load range

                                           20W maximum into 8Ω (20V input voltage)

Current Driver:                 Triple current output

                                           3 X 333ma maximum

                                           1 X 1000ma maximum (bridge mode)

                                           Built in 1.5A switching supply, >90% efficiency


Weight:                              4oz (114g)

Power Requirements:      10-20Vdc

                                           44 watts maximum (dependent on load)

Humidity:                          20% - 80% non-condensing

Temperature:                   10C - 40C ambient (50F - 104F)

World Converter WC-01

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