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FMR-3.0 AM/FM Receiver

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Introducing the FMR-3.0!


    Aurora Design has once again left the competition at the starting line. While other companies offer outdated basic AM/FM operation, the FMR-3.0 is the first and only solution for your original classic vehicle radio to offer worldwide digital radio support! With fully licensed HD Radio™ Technology for North America and DAB/DAB+ (utilizing Aurora Design patented technology) for the rest of the world, no other solution even comes close. Make sure your radio is set for the 21st century and not stuck with just basic analog AM/FM technology from 80 years ago!

    Audio Equalizer is now included on all FMR-3.0 radios! This feature consists of a three band equalizer, adjustable Loudness control, adjustable Subwoofer gain and Crossover frequency. Now you can adjust the sound of your radio to perfectly match your speakers and vehicle!

    Voice Assist HD is standard on all FMR-3.0 radios! The radio will speak in clear English all basic operations such as “Balance Adjust”, “Scanning for Stations”, “WXYZ FM 107.9”, “Right Front Speaker shorted to ground”, etc. This greatly eases radio operation as there is no need to memorize obtuse beep codes or blinking lights.

    The Scan feature we pioneered in 2017 was so well received, our customers with manually tuned radios felt left out. No longer! Now even manually tuned radios have the same modern Scan feature as signal seeking radios. This is a great feature to have when you’re on a tour or just looking for something different to listen to.

    On signal seeking radios like Wonderbar, Town&Country, ElectroTouch radios) somply press the Seek button twice and the radio will scan to the next station, pause for 8 seconds, and then scan to the next station repeatedly until the scan is stopped. On manually tuned radios, just twist the tuning control twice to the right to scan through the stations!

    Tube Emulation Mode allows the FMR-3.0 to mimic the “warmup” and “cool down” of an original tube radio fooling even the most seasoned judge on that concours restoration, or just for that nostalgic feel!

    LW and SW bands are now included on all FMR-3.0 radios! LW or Longwave is available for radios configured for Worldwide use while SW or ShortWave is available for radios configured for North American use. Now your factory radio with these bands can be made operational again!

The FMR-3.0 is the exciting new follow-on to the FMR-1 and FMR-2. This new product from Aurora Design LLC opens up a new world of possibilities for early automotive radios. By replacing the electronics in an original radio with modern digital electronics, any radio can be brought up to today’s standards, performance and reliability.

    Designed to meet automotive OEM and SAE performance specifications, the FMR-3.0 represents a no compromise design. All critical components are full automotive OEM grade parts, not lower cost, lower quality parts designed for aftermarket/consumer products. Every aspect of the design and operation of the FMR-3.0, no matter how insignificant was scrutinized, resulting in a product that performs beyond the expectations of even the most demanding user.

    Through the use of sophisticated algorithms and a custom RealTimeOperatingSystem (RTOS), the FMR-3.0 offers unprecedented levels of features and performance. Working equally well with any original tuner (inductive, capacitive and resistive) the FMR-3.0 offers smooth and precise tuning rivaling the best analog tuners available. Installation time is significantly reduced since the FMR-3.0 easily adapts to just about any radio configuration from the 1930’s thru the 1980’s.

     Imagine, complicated and time consuming modifications to the tuners used on the Hudson/Nash

     Ramblers and Metropolitans, 1930’s Philco-Ford or 1940’s Zenith-Ford radios is a thing of the past!

     Even the complicated Rotomatic tuner used on the 1940 Zenith-Ford radio that switches between a

     variable capacitor for manual tuning and variable inductors for preset tuning is handled without any

                                                          modifications by the FMR-3.0!

    The automotive grade receiver is extremely robust and offers such features as noise blankers which help eliminate ignition and generator/alternator noise and an automatic bandwidth filter that continuously adjusts from narrow to wide for optimum performance in all situations.

    The digitally controlled power amplifier provides up to 4 X 45W of output power into 4 ohm speakers and 2 X 75W into 2 ohm speakers and is fully protected against over-voltages, shorts between lines as well as to ground or power. It is controlled by the onboard microprocessor and intelligently monitors the speaker connections and makes decisions such as enabling or disabling the balance and fader controls based on these readings. It uses a unique Class SB topology similar to standard Class AB while using only 1/3 the power at normal listening levels resulting in less heat being generated.

    Five line level outputs, four for front/rear channels and one for subwoofer, allow the FMR-3.0 to drive out-board amps for those who wish to add even more audio power.

    Stereo auxiliary inputs with floating ground to reduce or eliminate ground loop noise are provided for adding other audio sources such as iPod’s®, MP3 players, CD players, satellite radios, etc.

    Signal Seeking radios like the GM/Delco® Wonderbar®, Ford® Town & Country® and Chrysler® Electro-Touch® radios are fully supported including features like sensitivity controls (Town & Country). By combining the unsurpassed performance of the FMR-3.0‘s AM/FM receiver with its high performance microprocessor, it finds the stations every time.

    Under the skin, the FMR-3.0 was designed to be as robust as the operating features it offers. Meeting industry performance specification like SAE J1113-42, the FMR-3.0 cannot be damaged by battery reversal, double battery jump starts, alternator disconnects (load dump), etc. Even if a careless mechanic accidentally connects the battery up backwards, the FMR-3.0 is completely protected.

    Aurora Design automotive products are built in a 33,000 sq. ft., ISO 9001:2000 facility located in the USA. With a capacity to place 1,800,000 components per day, 2D and 3D X-Ray inspection and full traceability back to the component level, the highest quality assemblies are assured.

Optional FMR-DRH1/FMR-DRD1 Digital Radio Module:

    The new FMR-DRH1/FMR-DRD1 Digital Radio Modules add support for HD Radio™ Technology and DAB/DAB+ Worldwide radio. These two exciting new products add a level of technology and performance found no where else for your classic vehicle radio.

    With HD Radio™ Technology you can enjoy clear, static free, digital AM and FM radio. You will also get sub-channels on FM that adds to the number and type of content. For more information and to find stations in your area, please visit https://hdradio.com.

    DAB/DAB+, utilizing an Aurora Design patented interface, is the first time this technology is offered in an original classic vehicle radio. As analog radio (AM/FM) is phased out around the world, DAB/DAB+ will be the only radio available to millions of people.  

Optional FMR-CM1 Courtesy Module:

    The new FMR-CM1 Courtesy Module adds yet another level of modernization to your radio experience. As with many modern vehicles, the radio remains operational for a period of time after turning off the ignition or a door opens. This gives the user several minutes to listen to a song, finish a phone call, or continue charging their phone.

Optional HPC-1 High Power voltage Converter:

    For use with the FMR-3.0 in 6/12V positive ground and 6V negative ground vehicles.  Provides 70% more power than competitive converters allowing for 2 and 4 speaker installations.

Optional FMR-MC1 Motor Controller:

    For use with the FMR-3.0 in signal seeking radios to eliminate the original limit switches, relays, etc. Can also be used in conjunction with an aftermarket DC motor and bracket to replace the AC seek motor used in some Bendix® radios.

Optional FMR-HV1 High Voltage Relay Driver:

    For use with the FMR-3.0 in Delco® E/F-Series Wonderbar® and similar radios that used a high voltage seek relay.

Why settle for an imported aftermarket radio or a reproduction that doesn’t look, feel or operate like an original radio converted with an FMR-3.0? Your original radio was built for quality and so is the FMR-3.0!

Experience everything your classic radio can be!

HD Radio™Technology manufactured under license from iBiquity Digital Corporation. U.S. and Foreign Patents. For patents see http://dts.com/patents. HD Radio, Artist Experience, and the HD, HD Radio, and “ARC” logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of iBiquity Digital Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.