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• Ultra-compact, low power, surface mount design:

    - Easily installable in any radio, only 1.0” x 1.25” x 0.15”

    - Small enough to fit in the head of a 1953-59 Ford F100 radio

• Easily removable without a trace to original radio:

    - Maintains authenticity and value of original radio

    - All original wiring remains intact, no changes to vehicle required

    - Only a single wire in the radio needs to be cut (Antenna lead)

    - All other connections are simply tacked in place

• Fully digital, quartz locked design for extreme stability

• Microprocessor controlled:

    - Smart algorithms detect and adjust parameters 1333 times per second

    - User settings are saved in onboard nonvolatile memory

    - No continuous battery lead required

• Reduced inventory with one circuit board for all installations:

    - 6 volt / 12 volt battery compatible, selectable positive or negative ground

    - Full World Wide FM support (200/100kHz channel, 75/50µs de-emphasis)

    - Support for Japanese FM Band

• Fully self contained FM radio, no external components or power supply required

• Selectable Auxiliary input for use with MP3 players

    - VOX trigger

    - Tune to low end of dial trigger

    - Power cycle trigger

• FMC-2 disables AM radio when in FM/Aux mode for zero cross-interference

• Fully compatible with Signal Seeking radios:

    - Works with typical Wonderbar®, Town & Country, etc. radios

    - Fully supports selectable sensitivity control

    - Fully supports Delco® electric pushbutton tuning

• High output level for compatibility with early tube radios

• Intelligent power detection hardware/software eliminates false mode switching

• Extremely low antenna shunt capacitance

Designed and built in the USA

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FMC-2 FM Tuner