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Compare these features!

• Designed to meet automotive OEM and SAE specifications:

    - Protected against reverse battery, double battery jump start, load dump and mutual

      coupling transients

    - -40℃ to +65℃ operating range

• Fully protected speaker outputs:

    - Protected against line shorts, shorts to ground and shorts to battery

• Digitally controlled power amplifier automatically senses which speakers are attached

  and takes appropriate action. (i.e. disables/enables balance/fader controls)

• 4 X 45W maximum output into 4 ohms @ 14.4V (EIAJ)

• 2 X 75W maximum output into 2 ohms @ 14.4V (EIAJ)

• High Efficiency Class SB power amplifier

    - Dissipates up to 66% less power at normal listening levels than standard Class AB

    - Dissipates up to 15% less power at maximum output than standard Class AB

• Audio Equalizer

    - Three band Equalizer (bass / mid / treble) allows +/-10dB adjustment

    - Loudness gain adjustable 0dB to 15dB

    - Subwoofer gain adjustable +/-10dB

    - Subwoofer Crossover frequency adjustable 55Hz / 85Hz / 120Hz / 160Hz

• 4.1 (4 channels plus subwoofer) line level outputs

• 4 layer circuit board with solid internal power/ground layers for low noise

• Noise blankers to suppress ignition/generator/alternator noise

• Automatic bandwidth control for optimum performance in all situations

• Integrated high current switch, only 200ma required through original power switch

• Wiring harness uses high temperature automotive grade GXL wire

• Dedicated high side driver Stereo Lamp output

• Works equally well with inductive, capacitive and potentiometer tuning

• Automatic sensing of installed options, no setup required

• Automatic digital correction of potentiometer taper

• Handles isolated potentiometer, grounded wiper potentiometer and rheostat balance controls

• All factory low impedance faders supported included multi-wiper types

• Virtual balance/fader controls when physical controls are not present

• Compatible with radios that use a tone switch

• Powerful on-board microprocessor handles all control functions

• Advanced Microprocessor RTOS (RealTimeOperatingSystem):

    - Smart algorithms detect and adjust parameters over 1000 times per second

    - User settings are saved in onboard nonvolatile memory

    - No continuous battery lead required

• Full World Wide Analog Radio support (Americas, Europe/Asia, Japan)

• Optional patent pending support for Worldwide Digital Radio: HD/DAB/DAB+

• Standard LongWave (LW) band and ShortWave (SW) band support

• Standard Voice Assist HD:

    - Radio speaks in clear English for all standard operations

• Fully compatible with Signal Seeking radios:

    - Works with typical Wonderbar®, Town & Country, etc. radios

    - Fully supports selectable sensitivity control

    - Fully supports Delco® electric pushbutton tuning

• Automatic Volume control option raises and lowers radio volume with engine speed

• Tube Emulation Mode mimics the warmup time of a tube radio

• Dedicated Auxiliary input for use with MP3 players, satellite radio, etc.

    - Selectable fully automatic VOX control of Auxiliary input

    - Differential Auxiliary input to eliminate ground loop noise

• Optional RGB front panel status LED

• Optional pushbutton control

Designed and built in the USA

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FMR-3.0 AM/FM Receiver