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Specifications: FMR-3.0

Package Contents:         FMR-3.0 module

                          Speaker/Power Wiring harness

                          Mounting hardware

                          Bi-color Front panel LED

                          Optional RGB Front panel LED

FM Receiver:

Frequency Range:          87.5-108 MHz (America’s/Europe/Asia)

                          76.0-95.0 MHz (Japan)

Channel Spacing:          200kHz (America’s)

                          100kHz (all other regions)

Sensitivity:              5dBµV @ 26dB SNR*

De-emphasis:              75µs (America’s)

                          50µs (all other regions)

SNR:                      60dB typ*

Image Rejection:          60dB typ*     

Audio Separation:         40dB typ*

Audio Response:           30Hz-15kHz  -3dB     

AM Receiver:

Frequency Range:          MW: 530-1710 kHz (America’s) (530-1610 kHz selectable)

                          MW: 531-1611 kHz (all other regions)

                          LW: 140-300kHz (all other regions)

                          SW: 5.80-6.30MHz (49M) and 7.20-7.60MHz (41M) (America's)

Channel Spacing:          MW: 10kHz (America’s)

                          MW: 9kHz (all other regions)

                          LW: 1kHz (all other regions)

                          SW: 5kHz (America's)

Sensitivity:              MW: 34dBµV @ 26dB SNR*

                          LW: 40dBµV @ 26dB SNR*

                          SW: 35dBµV @ 26dB SNR*

SNR:                      56dB typ*

Image Rejection:          55dB typ*

FM HD Radio™ Receiver:

Frequency Range:          87.5-108 MHz (America’s)

Channel Spacing:          200kHz (America’s)

Sensitivity:              12dBµV @ BER = 5e-5*

Image Rejection:          48dB typ*     

AM HD Radio™ Receiver:

Frequency Range:          530-1710 kHz (America’s) (530-1610 kHz selectable)

Channel Spacing:          10kHz (America’s)

Sensitivity:              -90dBm @ BER = 1e-4*

SNR:                      75dB typ*     

DAB/DAB+ Receiver:

Frequency Range:          168-240MHz (all other regions)

Sensitivity:              3.0dBµV @ BER = 1e-4*

Audio Output:

Speaker Impedance:        2-45 Ohms

External Amplifier Imp.:  130-180 Ohms

Output Power:             4 X 45W into 4 ohms @14.4V max (EIAJ)

                          4 X 22W into 4 ohms @14.4V  1% THD*

                          2 X 75W into 2 ohms @14.4V max (EIAJ)

                          2 X 40W into 2 ohms @14.4V  1% THD*

                          Fully short circuit protected

Auxiliary Input:

Input Level:              -10dBV nominal level

                          0dBV maximum without clipping

Input Impedance:          ~5K Balanced

Withstand Voltage:        +/- 24V max

VOX Sensitivity:          +/- 3.75mVrms typical (mono signal)

VOX Hold time:            20 seconds (can be cancelled by cycling power)

Auxiliary Outputs:

Output Level:             0dBV nominal level into 5K ohms

                          6dbV max level

Frequency Response:       20Hz-20kHz into 5K ohms

Seek Relay Output:

Withstand Voltage:        60V inductive driver

Sink Current:             1.0A max, short circuit protected

Clamping Energy:          480mJ

Stereo Lamp Output:

Withstand Voltage:        60V max

Source Current:           250ma max

LED Output:

Output Impedance:         630 Ohm typical

Drive Voltage:            5.0V

Signal Seeking Tuner Performance:

Minimum Tracking:         30ms/channel

                          5.0 seconds minimum traverse time (North America)

                          6.0 seconds minimum traverse time(Europe/Asia)

                          4.2 seconds minimum traverse time(Japan)

Automatic Volume Control:

Engine RPM:               Maximum gain at 3500 RPM, 8 cylinder engine


Dimensions:               2.375”W X 1.50”D X 1.00”H

                          (60mm X 38mm X 25mm)

Power Requirements*:      8.5 to 16.0Vdc range

                          14.4V typical

                          ~350ma quiescent

                          ~13.5A maximum (driving four 4 ohm speakers)

Humidity:                 10% - 90% non-condensing

Temperature:              -40C to +65C ambient (-40F to +150F) Operating

                          -40C to +125C ambient (-40 to +257F) Storage

At Aurora Design we are understandably proud to list

all our specs for your evaluation.

The design, features and quality of our products speak for themselves!

Designed and built in the USA

All specifications subject to change.

* Characterized by component manufacturer

Actual performance dependent on installation.

*-12V or 6V operation requires a separate power supply

Wonderbar® is a trademark of Delco

HD Radio™Technology manufactured under license from iBiquity Digital Corporation. U.S. and Foreign Patents. For patents see http://dts.com/patents. HD Radio, Artist Experience, and the HD, HD Radio, and "ARC" logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of iBiquity Digital Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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FMR-3.0 AM/FM Receiver